Recent Before & After Photos

What a difference

Breathing some new life into a homeowner’s beer steins that made it through a house fire. The collection was started by the owner’s late father, and... READ MORE

Slow Burning Fire Causes Major Damage

This Flint space had a fire start in the main area do to faulty wiring. The fire spread through the entire establishment causing massive damage. The fire eventu... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Lead to Major Renovation

The images above is just a fraction of the work that SERVPRO of Northwest Genesee County had to do in this home. The pipes froze causing multiple breaks through... READ MORE

Major Damage to Local Homeowner After Summer Storms

Michigan has had an unusual amount of thunderstorms this summer and they have not gone easy on local home owners. A tree was struck by lightning and fell throug... READ MORE

Complete Bathroom Remodel after leaky Pipe was left Untreated

This Fenton home owner unknowingly had a severe water leak underneath the tub in the main bathroom. The water had been left untreated for so long that all of th... READ MORE

Cornerstone Building Flood in Downtown Fenton

SERVPRO of Northwest Genesee County was the first to respond when a pipe broke on the third floor of the Corner Stone building in Downtown Fenton. All of the lo... READ MORE

Kitchen Storm Damage

This Fenton home owner woke up to a slight leak from the ceiling after a major thunder storm and hours of down pour. Within an hour of finding the leak the ceil... READ MORE

Laundry Room Fires

The dryer in the first photo has combustible cleaning products next to it and the trash can is full of lint which are both fire hazards. The laundry room in the... READ MORE

Water Damaged Hardwood Flooring

When hard wood floors (genuine or engineered) get wet they absorb the water and eventually warp. this means that the outside of the boards rise higher than the ... READ MORE

Grand Blanc Kitchen Fire

This Grand Blanc home had a kitchen fire that required a complete tear out and remodel. SERVPRO of Northwest Genesee County took quick action to remove any salv... READ MORE