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Montrose Flood Damage - Fast Extraction of Water is Crucial

5/16/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Montrose Flood Damage - Fast Extraction of Water is Crucial Montrose Flooding Restoration is in Crucial Need of SERVPRO

SERVPRO Rapidly Removes the Standing Water from Your Flood Damaged Montrose Home

Regardless of whether or not they sit on the high ground or near a body of water, most buildings are subject to unexpected flood damage in Montrose. Flash floods, burst pipes, or busted tanks can all flood a room or even an entire house, causing large damage across all affected rooms. If left without treatment, flood damage can worsen with time as mold grows and water seeps deeper into the structure. Here are some of the consequences and damages that can come with flood damage.
Total Flooring Loss
Many types of flooring simply can not be salvaged after being flooded, as the waters soak down into them and make them unusable. This is particularly the case of wood flooring that may buckle and warp. This is usually secondary water damage caused because of the slowness of standing water. Many types of carpeting and padding will outright absorb it, acting like a sponge for the water and any contaminants within. Flooring materials may be the greatest loss in any flood. Check your homeowner's insurance policy to see if you have coverage.
Mold Growth
If left untreated, mold growth and damage can rapidly manifest in a flood damaged home. Mold favors growth in dark and damp conditions, and those are fostered by the intrusive waters of a flood. This is why drying and dehumidifying is so important: mold can not grow without a suitable water supply.
Intense Cleaning and Sanitization
If something is not damaged or destroyed in a floor, it's still probably going to need a thorough cleaning. Floodwaters are murky and unclean, and can stain and contaminate anything they touch. Often, floods may carry dangerous microbes and organisms, which can cause adverse health effects if not eliminated. Industrial cleaning solutions may be required. This is work that should be done by a professional storm and flood damage restoration company like SERVPRO.
Paint and Wallpaper
For floodwaters higher than a few inches, it may be necessary to repaint the affected region or even the entire wall. Wall coverings typically must be uniform in appearance, and if only a portion is repainted or recovered, it may stand out. Be prepared to undergo a large repainting or wallpaper replacement process. If the water level rose above the baseboards then usually a gutting of the lower part of the sheetrock will be necessary. This porous, absorbent building material does not do well with excess water.
SERVPRO of Northwest Genesee County is a locally owned and operated business, and we have helped many of our local homeowners over our years of operation in their repairs and restorations. If you require emergency flood cleanup and repair services, drop us a line at (810) 732-3298.